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 More and more businesses are keen to report their impact, particularly B Corps who are required to issue an impact report annually once they're certified. But it's hard to know where to start...

While, for the first year,  you might want to issue an impact report which outlines your current position, you'll be able to more effectively maximise the impact you create, and report bigger and bigger successes if you adopt a continuous improvement approach.


This starts with defining the impact you want to create in line with your business's vision, culture and available resources. Then embeds processes which give you the clarity, accountability and transparency to be able to use your insights to inform decision making.

In addition to adopting a cycle of continuous improvement we recommend regular and well considered stakeholder engagement to ensure that value is genuinely being created for those you impact.


We believe that businesses can be a force for good and that force is amplified when you have a clear understanding of the impact you do (and can) create and take steps to improve that impact year-on-year.

If you'd like support with your impact reporting and embedding the right processes to maximise the impact you create, drop us an email. We'd love to arrange a call so we can better understand your business and what you're keen to achieve.

"Collaborating with Louisa to develop and deliver UK for Good's Leadership for Good programme has been hugely positive and impactful. She not only brings a wealth of BCorp and client experience but also has a real passion for driving positive change in the most effective way.


Louisa always puts the client at the heart of everything she does, and offers support to help them continuously improve their impact on people and planet in a way that's authentic and relevant to them."

Donna Okell

Founder and Co-CEO

UK for Good

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