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As an impact consultant, based in Liverpool, I support my clients to understand, measure, improve and report their social impact.


With over a decade of experience working across industries in audit, risk management and process improvement –for both SMEs and multi-billion pound businesses - I have the ability to understand organisations and their processes quickly giving valuable recommendations which suit their strategic objectives and culture.

I advocate for place-based investment to unlock the ripple effects of social impact, and Chair the Board of Sefton Park Palm House.

I've completed training with B Lab UK, the University of Cambridge's Institute for Sustainability Leadership and Social Value UK.

And I have a particular passion for integrated approaches to 

stakeholder engagement, that enable valuable co-designed policies and processes to be developed.

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Louisa Burman


Michelle Hawthorne

With more than 15 years experience across a range of regulated sectors, I understand the importance of balancing strategy and risk management with maintaining smooth operations, including the reporting burden some organisations feel.


Leveraging the learnings throughout my career, including qualifying as a chartered accountant, gaining 'big-4' experience and completing a masters in Sustainable Development, I’m able to translate seemingly complex sustainability matters into actionable steps. This enables the organisations I work with to not only increase the impact they create but also their understanding of what ‘good’ looks like and why, empowering them to embed a robust approach to governance.

The sustainability challenge that I care deeply about is equality of opportunity. I do what I can to influence change locally to me, including volunteering for and sitting on the Green Uniform and Baby Bank Board, a small social enterprise based in Winsford.

We started our own consultancy, not only so we could choose to work with organisations and people that inspired us, but also to make the time to invest in causes that are close to our hearts.

At least 20% of our time is dedicated to pro-bono support.

During our 2023 financial year this came to an average of

553 hours per employee.

To truly amplify social value, communities and stakeholders must be empowered and engaged in decision making. They must have a part to play in developing the spaces and activities which exist around them. This starts by nurturing grassroots ideas, giving Doers in communities the opportunity to succeed and, perhaps more importantly, learn when things don't quite go to plan. Micro-funding smaller, local ideas and projects is a great way to do this... That's why Louisa has chaired the Liverpool SOUP Committee since founding the events early-2019.

On a larger scale, having local people, in particular those from typically under-represented groups, within
 organisations and in a decision-making capacity is vitally important to enable strategies and operations to be designed in a away that is genuinely beneficial for local communities. This is why we advocate for increased diversity on Boards and both hold Non-executive Director positions for local organisations. 

We also donate 1% of our revenue between Rewilding Britain, Liverpool Tool Library and

GUBB to support them to increase their positive impact in the world. 


We're particularly proud to have funded and led a project with Liverpool Tool Library during 2023 which enabled them to introduce a thermal imaging camera into their inventory, along with complementary guidance. This means that members will be able to get a better understanding of how energy efficient their homes are and the steps they can take to improve the efficiency of their homes.

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