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Creating a postive impact starts with understanding the people you're impacting, from employees to customers, from local communities to investors.

Effective stakeholder engagement will enable you to develop an impact strategy that maximises the positive impact you create in a meaningful way.

Due to their nature all stakeholder engagement programmes are bespoke. We can support you in a number of ways from working with you to define your material stakeholders to gathering, analysing and offering recommendations based on your refreshed, wider understanding of the outcomes experienced by your stakeholders and what's important to them.


We can support you in an advisory capacity - designing a stakeholder engagement programme that you can manage - or we can design and manage the full process for you, including facilitating discussion groups, interviews and producing / issuing surveys.

If you'd like to talk more about the approaches to stakeholder engagement which would best suit your business and the impact you're keen to achieve drop us an email and we can arrange a call.

"Louisa’s passion for a better planet and all things sustainable came through as soon as we started chatting. Specifically Louisa's social impact knowledge has been incredibly valuable for us here at Liverpool Tool Library (LTL). Her input has given us clarity to move forward in an insightful and decisive way and we felt in safe hands as she took her time to understand us, what we do, and how we do it.


The whole experience was very collaborative, she gathered our volunteers to co-design a questionnaire that was well tailored to the visions and culture present in LTL. The resulting questionnaire was accessible, a pleasure to fill out, and incredibly well received by our members...

....We enjoyed the whole process thanks to Louisa and we won’t hesitate to work

with her again in the future."

Imogen Woolley


Liverpool Tool Library

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